Personal Injury

Type “personal injury lawyer” into Google, and boom, you are flooded with information and lawyers.

What Is a Personal Injury?

As it relates to you and our clients, it means you have an injury that was not your fault.  The injury was most likely caused by the action or inaction of another person or company.

Injuries are not limited to just physical injuries, but also include emotional and mental damages.  When you bring a personal injury claim, you are asking those at fault or their insurance company to compensate you for your damages or losses.  These damages will include your doctor bills, loss of earnings and money for you inconvenience, distress and suffering.

Why Choose Us?

Logan brings a unique approach to practicing law. True to his name, Quirk works an outside the box approach to get you paid for your losses.

Quality and efficient results— Logan gets results.  A the first meeting, Logan will ask you discus your expectations.  From that point forward, we will strive to exceed your goals and resolve your matter as efficiently as possible.

All sized cases.  Logan has handled cases large and small.  Unlike other attorneys, Logan does not just handle “big” cases.  We understand that all injuries effect you, and are here no matter what size the case.

Types of Cases

Personal Injury cases involve many types. Quirk Law Group  Personal Injury Lawyer  handle vehicle collisions, pedestrian and bicycle wrecks, motorcycle cases, wrongful death of loved ones, slip and fall cases, negligent security, premise liability and the like. Quirk Law Group serves clients in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas of California.

What to Keep in Mind

There are lots of options you have for your injury matter.  Do not wait or put off your case as there are statutes of limitations controlling when a claim must be filed.  Do not delay your treatment for your injuries.

Take Advantage

Take advantage of our accessibility.  Many lawyers will offer free consultations.  Unlike most lawyers, we will not spin or sell our services.  We offer straight up advice.  We provide real answers and practical tips for you.

Thank you for visiting our “Quirky” site.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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