Wrongful Death Attorney

There is nothing more devastating than the wrongful and premature death of a loved one.  The value of human life is immeasurable and the loss irreplaceable.

When the death of a loved one happens due to someone’s actions, inaction or negligence, the family members may bring a claim against the person or entity believed to be responsible.


Money cannot replace the value of a loved one.  A  wrongful death attorney will hear this statement often, so what’s the point of bringing an action then?

What if the loved one was the primary wage earner such that the spouse or children depended on the spouse’s income to put food on the table, pay the bills or the like?  The loved one may have been the emotional rock, and the loss may require counseling for the family.

What if the circumstances surrounding the claim were shady or the procedures unjust? Hitting the department or business responsible with a jury verdict will affect them where it counts most— in their pocket book.

A lawsuit will bring to light the dangerous procedures or inexcusable conduct that wrongfully caused a death.

A verdict may send a message to the people responsible that society will not tolerate people cutting corners or those engaging in wrongful behavior.

A recovery or verdict may force change to that conduct or procedure and make society safer.

Why Us?

Logan has worked on and resolved wrongful death cases.  He understands they are delicate.  Logan is capable of wearing all the hats necessary to advance these cases.

There is rarely a situation in these cases where there is a win, but Logan will work with you to understand your goals, and to effectively and efficiently strive to exceed your expectations.

Trevor and Logan are not legal robots.  They will treat you as you should be treated, and they will bring the legal fight to those responsible.

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By Logan Quirk