Find The Ideal Truck Accident Attorney In LA

Trucks with 18 wheels are, as you would expect, a lot heavier than standard automobiles. Weighing in at around 40 tons, they’re an unstoppable battering ram on the roads. Unfortunately, accidents with trucks do happen and they are often incredibly serious.

If you’ve been hit by a truck or your car was wrecked by one, choose Quirk Law Group as your go-to truck accident attorney in LA. Any accident involving a truck has the potential to be lethal, so whether an 18-wheeler hits into the back of your vehicle or you are struck as a pedestrian, it’s important you get immediate help.

We understand and empathize with you that recovering from your injuries is of paramount importance. With our expertise and advice for your truck accident, we can make sure that you get the compensation and damages that you deserve. Our team of truck accident attorneys in LA have the ability to create a watertight case that will get you the right results.

After you’ve recovered from your injuries and you’re ready to move on with your case, there’s only one phone number you need. Call our team of truck accident attorneys in LA at Quirk Law Group on: (213) 867-7800.

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By Logan Quirk