Personal Injury Lawyer Los Angeles

You need evidence to prove your case. This may come in the form of pictures, witness statements or videos. Quirk Law Group, we are here to provide you with a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles that can help you recover money for your damages including medical bills, loss of earnings, stress, anxiety, pain, inconvenience, humiliation, etc..

When you’re at the scene of a car accident, you’ve tripped or fell, or a dog bit you – getting the right lawyer is necessary in order to help prove your claim and recover your money for your losses.

Our team here at Quirk Law Group have three tips to get evidence in the aftermath of your injury:

  1. Take pictures or videos with your cell phone: photographs are conclusive snapshots of a time, so displaying the skid marks, the proximity to a stop sign or the lack of wet floor signage is important.
  2. Identify witnesses: you need the name, number and address of eye witnesses to get statements or even testify at trial.
  3. Collect information: whether it’s the driver that hit you, the time it occurred and how it happened, build up a portfolio of knowledge to get the damages you deserve.

Your claim is important to us. We provide free consultations for your injury. Contact us today to find out more.

By Logan Quirk