Beverly Hills Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury Attorneys

By Logan Quirk

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

All injuries can sideline you. However, some of the worst are traumatic brain injuries (TBI). TBIs do not occur strictly from hard hits to the head, and many times can be hard to deal with if medical attention is not promptly sought. While the thought of huge medical bills can scare you from seeking medical attention if you feel okay, you still should consult a physician, or at the very least a paramedic. You should also contact a Beverly Hills personal injury attorney to learn of your legal options.

The majority of the time, TBIs are accompanied by other injuries. From broken bones to whiplash, almost any type of injury can accompany a TBI, and you should be sure that your doctor performs the proper tests, even if you do not have a headache or blurry vision. TBIs have varied effects, and it is dependent upon the severity. Mild TBIs have mood changes, personality changes, and headaches. Severe TBIs have effects that range from distorted vision to the inability to use your limbs to a comatose state. In auto accidents, the medical team can be so engaged in your external injuries that they may not look for a brain injury.

The testing to find out if you have a TBI is not hard, but it can be stressful. Common tests include CAT scans, MRIs, SPECT, and PET scans, all of which can leave you a nervous wreck. However, it is better to be tested and learn that you are fine than to not be tested and face issues down the road. Often times a Neuropsychologist will evaluate you, as well as occupational and speech therapists if your injuries warrant it. There are different systems that the medical field use to gauge the severity of a TBI. One of the most common is the Glasgow Coma Scale, which has a 15-point system to grade you on your responses in motor response, verbal response, and eye opening responses.

Regardless of how you were injured, or the severity of your outward injuries, you need to make sure that your medical team perform the necessary tests to rule out any TBI issues. These tests can help you better your outcome, and even if it comes back that, you have some form of TBI, quick and proper medical care can help increase your chances of recovery.

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