Car Accident App? There’s an app for that

By Logan Quirk

Car Accident App in Itunes, Really?

Browsing iTunes, it easy to believe there must be a mobile phone app for just about every purpose under heaven. Here’s one you may now have thought of, but which could come on handy, even though you’d rather not have the occasion to use it: a Smartphone app for summoning aid after an auto accident and gathering evidence to support claims on your insurance or against the other driver.

What can the Accident App do?

Accident Wizard, from developer Platinum Peak LLC, is billed as the “first and only mobile phone application to offer free, instant, on-the-scene, live assistance” to someone after an auto accident. Like the pay service OnStar, Accident Wizard provides a quick connection to live trained operators available round-the-clock. Unlike OnStar, however, which costs a couple hundred dollars annually, the Accident Wizard app is free. Its home screen also offers users the option of hitting a different button to connect with 911 rather than the app’s operators.

Besides emergency medical assistance or nearby towing services, the app can summon auto repair shops, taxicabs, car rental firms and even personal injury lawyers. To register with the service, users must input basic personal information, including emergency contacts, and can scan their driver’s license, insurance cards and vehicle registration.

Accident Wizard’s Accident Recording System methodically walks a user who’s been in a collision through each step in collecting and storing information to document the accident in detail (including the parties and vehicles involved, details on damage to persons, vehicles and property, and much more).

A one-touch button can access the information you need to provide to other drivers involved in an accident, and to collect and store their data, including driver’s license, car tag, make and model, and insurance information. Other screens offer body silhouettes for recording injuries and pain from the mishap, and a car silhouette for noting vehicle damage. Accident Wizard also prompts the user to take photos, audio and video to document the crash scene, vehicles and personal injuries.

The integrated app can also readily generate a report on the accident and transmit it to an insurance claims department, accident attorney or elsewhere. While Accident Wizard seems to be the most capable program of its type, especially in update 2.3 issued this March for iPhone 6 and Android. It’s gotten decent reviews from most users, and the update claims to have removed some bugs from earlier versions.

Not the only one…

While Accident Wizard dates back to 2011, it’s not the first accident reporting mobile software. Predecessors include such more rudimentary programs as Help I Crashed My Car, iWrecked, and Car Accident Report – C.A.R. In 2013, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners offered a free WreckCheck Smartphone app providing advice on what to do after an accident, including what evidence to collect. Online accident reporting and claim filing is also supported by the websites of many auto insurers.

So now if you’re an unlucky driver, with Accident Wizard or one of its competitors, you can be technologically geared up for your next wreck.

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