Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Wipes out Southern California Traffic

By Logan Quirk

Southern California roads are notoriously overcrowded.  People with essential activities and jobs have reported back that Los Angeles freeways are clear.  This is virtually unheard of in urban areas in the state especially in Southern California, long known as a traffic hell.

One article reports that in Los Angeles, average speeds are 48 percent higher because there is less traffic.  That is unheard.  Angelenos are accustomed to stop and go traffic at all times during the day.  The 405 often is a parking lot.  Los Angeles is not the only place experiencing reduced traffic.

This article shows that Seattle, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles all have decreases in traffic.

As people shelter in place and practice social distancing (thank you for heeding the restrictions and helping to flatten the curve), there is a huge reduction in traffic and car accidents.  However, there is a warning put out by the CHP in the LA Times Article, “With less freeway traffic due to coronavirus, there’s more speeding and that worries CHP”

People are taking advantage of the open roads to drive faster or more recklessly.  Speeding drivers are more likely to cause car accidents in Los Angeles.  Even in spite of reduced traffic, two fatal accidents occurred according to the article.

The LA Time’s article also highlights that although the number of the accidents may be down, the severity of the accidents is on the rise.  The article stated that nearly every accident involved an ambulance responding.

Here in California, he CHP urges people to drive responsibly.  Even though there is increased anxiety, there is still a responsibility for people to drive in a safe manner and mind the speed limits.  Please do not endanger the people commuting for the essential activities as those people such as healthcare workers are already overworked with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay safe and be well.  In the event you were the victim of a reckless driver, remember to contact us.  We are here for you in this crazy time.

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