Damn Insurance Company Is Not Paying for My Personal Injury

By Logan Quirk


This is not at all shocking.

The insurance company is not paying you because they do not want to pay you.  The insurance company does not exist to pay you fair value on your claim, but rather make money from your premiums.  In the claims process, the adjuster will look to every route to avoid paying a fair and reasonable settlement. 


They will utilize a series of stall tactics designed to slow down the process.  The purpose is that the longer they can delay paying you; then, they know you will accept less than a fair value for your case.


They insurance company may unreasonably deny your claim for a variety reasons.  Common phrases are no mechanism for injury or a minor impact soft tissue claim.  What these phrases mean is that the insurance company is relying on junk science that says the force of the impact was too low to cause injury to the human body.  Rather than pay you for their insured’s negligence, they would rather spend the money to call you a liar, cheat and fraud.


The insurance company will defend until they are forced to pay.  They may force you to file a lawsuit, hire an attorney and force them to finally pay up a fair value on your claim.

The process is not built to reward fairness.

Unfortunately, the insurance industrial complex employs hordes of adjusters and attorneys to work against your interest and make sure the company protects its profit. 

What can you do? Follow the steps, and be patient.  As with every process, patience is usually rewarded.  If you are continually stonewalled, speak to any attorney about the merits of your case.

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