Dog Bite Personal Injury in California and Nevada – Not All Are The Same

By Logan Quirk

Dog Bite Personal Injury Cases

We can all agree that being bitten by a dog – big or small – is never a good thing. Most courts agree with this, as do most state. However, not all states have the same personal injury laws when it comes to dog bites and mauling. There are states that have a zero-tolerance policy, and there are states that have a warning system.

Regardless, these injuries can be severe, so it is always best to consult me


California Personal Injury Law Dog Bites

California is a state that has zero tolerance or “strict liability” rules when it comes to dog bites. With this rule, you do not have to prove that the dog was vicious, or previously known to have been vicious. “Strictly liable” means that the dog’s owner is liable, unless the attack was provoked. You need to also watch for the statute of limitations, as you only have two years in California to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Nevada Personal Injury Dog Bites

Nevada is also an odd bird when it comes to dog bite personal injury laws, mainly because they do not have one. Yes, Nevada does not have a statute that pertains to dog biting on their books. However, they do often refer to Harry v. Smith, 893 P.2d 372, 375 (Nev. 1995). This case put in place the common practice of “negligence per se”, which means that the act alone is enough to be found liable. For instance, if Lassie goes rogue and bites a neighbor child, the child’s parents do not have to prove anything other than Lassie’s handlers were not in control of her. Nevada also has a two-year statute of limitations.

What to Do?

Dog bite personal injury incidents occur daily. While many do not seek the help of a personal injury attorney, it is often the best shot at obtaining damages to help pay their medical bills, and replace lost wages. Be sure to contact Quirk Law Group, your dog bite personal injury attorney as soon as possible after you are injured.

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