Hollywood Transvaginal Cases

By Logan Quirk

Up until a few years ago, transvaginal mesh was commonly used in surgical procedures. Its most common uses were in surgeries involving pelvic organ prolapse (POP) and incontinence. This sling-mesh device was quick, easy, cost efficient, and it was meant as a permanent solution. While many have great results from this device, others are suffering. Transvaginal mesh defects can cause great pain, and if you have had surgery and suspect that transvaginal mesh was used, you should contact a physician.

He issue with transvaginal mesh is that it begins to degrade, when it was meant to be a permanent fix. Being a permanent fix meant that it was never supposed to come out. This is causing problems for surgeons who are trying to repair the damage, and often it takes multiple surgeries to remove most of the transvaginal mesh. Symptoms of degrading transvaginal mesh range from incontinence to pelvic pain to vaginal bleeding. More serious symptoms can include erosions, where the degrading mesh can rupture into soft tissue, or even the bladder. Even if you are not experiencing any symptoms, it is a good idea to consult with your physician to see if you have the device in you. According to the FDA, transvaginal mesh was placed on the “high risk” list in 2012, with over 3,800 reports of injury.

After you have consulted with your physician, you need to consult with a Hollywood personal injury attorney to gauge if you have a case or not. Product liability is serious, and sadly, it often takes an injury or death to bring to light a faulty product. Medical bills can add up, even if you are insured, and surgeries to repair degrading transvaginal mesh can leave you without a paycheck. By consulting with a Hollywood personal injury attorney, you can better understand the chances of obtaining damages, if you have been affected by degrading transvaginal mesh.

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