Pandemics, Pandemonium, Panic, Personal Injury, Patience, Presence

The world descended into panic with the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus). It is completely unchartered territory for all of us.

We are utterly devastated with the tragedy affecting people across the globe.  We are saddened by the capricious and insidious nature of this virus.  We are amazed and proud of the healthcare workers risking their lives to tend to those in need.  We are grateful to the scientists working tirelessly to understand and combat Covid-19.

This eerie new reality is unnerving for many.  It brought out pandemonium, but as we take this one day at a time, we must keep our composure in order to maintain our physical and mental health.

This will undoubtedly test our patience, but we have faced adversity before and will overcome.  Your personal injury matter may seem trivial or inconsequential at this particular moment, but we are still here 24/7 for you.  We are working remotely to make sure your case proceeds without hiccups.

Collectively, we will steel our society to overcome and flourish.  Stay safe and be well from all of us at Quirk Law Group, APC.

By Logan Quirk