By Logan Quirk

Short Steps to keep in mind

  1. Stop your vehicle safely.
  2. Check to ensure you and your passengers are not gravely hurt.
  3. Get information for all drivers, witnesses and participants.
  4. User your cell phone.
  5. Take pictures.

If you or your loved one is injured an accident due to negligence of someone else, the best action you can take is to consult a personal injury lawyer. Seeking professional help will make sure your rights are protected and you understand all your options.  Getting the right representation will take some stress off you. Accidents can happen any time and they can leave you and your loved ones hurt both physically and mentally. An attorney will help get you compensated for your bills, stress and all damages.

Do your homework and find a competent and diligent lawyer. Find an attorney, with whom you have a decent rapport, can ask questions and feel at ease with. Right from the start your goal is to best understand your options and protect your legal interests.

Gather all evidence. Follow your doctors’ recommendations.  Treat in a reasonable and consistent manner.  Keep in contact with your attorneys about your progress with treatment.

If you want help, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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