Personal Injury Lawyer Myth turned upside down

By Logan Quirk

Q. What kind of law do you practice?

A. Personal Injury.

When this question is asked of me.  I get several reactions.  ‘Often, oh why? or You’re an ambulance chaser? That’s cool’, as the person’s face has some incredulous look.  Other times, people say ‘oh, that’s cool.’

Many personal injury attorneys are confronted with these visceral reactions, and there are probably several reasons – the myth driven by the insurance industry, tort reformists, a few rotten apples in our profession, and our profession’s own inaction in confronting this myth.

The Truth

This weekend I was speaking with my brother about a recent jury victory he won, and he was recounting  a bit of his rebuttal in closing argument.

The context…The other side, the defense attorney, told the jury that $40,000 in expert fees to defend an admitted DUI case was money well spent. Side note, personal injury attorneys cannot make mention of insurance or tell the jury that the $40,000 is covered by the insurance companies, or the attorneys and experts defending the person we sue are being paid by the insurance companies.  Often juries pick up on the fact that insurance is involved as was the case in my brother’s trial.

My brother responded that the $40,000 well spent by telling the jury that the jury system is where his client, a man without those resources, can neutralize money the other side spent, get the justice he deserves and the money needed for medical care to tend to his long term injuries.

We get to represent people who need help, who do not have money or the time to fight against an injustice.

People are often disillusioned with the political or legal system, but the fact is that many righteous personal injury cases are David versus Goliath.

My follow up answer:

I am proud to be a Plaintiff’s personal injury attorney.  I get satisfaction in helping people.  We love the challenge of helping the little guy get what he deserves when the odds are stacked against him.


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