Return of the NFL! Personal Injury and Concussions

By Logan Quirk

The NFL is back! All day lounging.  Yelling at the TV. Fantasy football. And over analysis.

This is not about Football’s Concussion Litigation

Yet, while the NFL litigation has been newsworthy and the NCAA has recently and reportedly reached a settlement, we will not segue.

The Facts and Financial Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury

This brings us back to the mindset about the prevalence of the brain injuries and the reminder to be mindful.  In looking at some of the stats on Traumatic Brain injuries, it is disheartening how frequent these injuries arise.

As discussed on my severe traumatic brain injury page, vehicle collisions across all age groups are the number 1 cause of all traumatic brain injury fatalities.  More shocking are the costs associated with these injuries.  The CDC breaks down the costs per state.   California has the highest costs, with an estimated $40 million spent on medical and $4.12 billion estimated to be lost in work related costs.

Download the PDF here.  ca_costofcrashdeaths

Not all brain injuries are severe, there may be mild traumatic brain injury or moderate traumatic brain injury.

However, all injuries to the head should be addressed as serious because the brain is our number 1 resource.

The costs are staggering.  Unfortunately many people do not have the resources, insurance or expertise in how to handle these situations.

What can you do

Be as proactive as possible.  Not all injuries can be prevented.  Make sure your loved ones are secure in the vehicle and on your premises.  Make sure you have insurance on your vehicle and have health insurance.  If the tragedy has occurred, and you do not have health or auto insurance, then you may have personal injury recourse against a third party if there was negligence.


Be safe.  Be secure.  Your brain is your most valuable resource.  Enjoy football and be sure to root for the 49ers.  Red and gold.  Secondary props to my fantasy team.  I own it this year.



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