Riverside Transvaginal Mesh

By Logan Quirk

Don’t Wait Transvaginal Mesh Issues are Potentially Dangerous

There are many commercials warning of the issues involving transvaginal mesh. While many of us ignore these commercials, an alarming number of women have been injured by the degrading of transvaginal mesh. The device is used in two common issues among aging women: Incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. The mesh “sling” device is quick and easy to implant, and the cost makes it affordable for insurance companies, doctors, and patients. However, the issues that have come to light are alarming, and the symptoms of faulty transvaginal mesh should not be ignored.

Take Action on Your Transvaginal Mesh Case

First off, if you think that you are having any side effects from a faulty transvaginal mesh implant, seek the help of your physician. Even a small twinge of pain can end up being serious if it is ignored. The side effects with faulty transvaginal mesh devices include: Vagina scarring, fistulas, painful intercourse, bruising, nerve damage, UTI’s, auto-immune problems, and neuro-muscular issues. If you have suffered any of these issues, you need to contact your physician immediately. Luckily, there are non-surgical ways to see how much transvaginal mesh you have remaining, as well as where it is. A translabial ultrasound is the most accurate way to show how much is remaining. After you are cared for, you then need to contact a Riverside personal injury attorney, to look over your options.

Even if you are facing additional medical procedures, you still need to contact a Riverside personal injury attorney as soon as you can. The only way to stop the issue is to remove the transvaginal mesh. However, it is a difficult process, due to the fact that the mesh was designed to never come out. The recovery time is longer, and more painful, than the original operation. This is why you need to contact a Riverside personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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