San Bernardino, Watch Out For Uber!

By Logan Quirk

Uber is big business, and a big convenience. More and more drivers are taking Uber rides, and more and more drivers are using Uber as a way to make extra cash. What many riders and drivers do not realize is that while Uber is big business, it is potentially hazardous business. While the Uber name is big and bold, its liability if an accident happens is not.

Uber, like all apps, have “fine print” that you must (or should) read and agree to before accessing the app. While most app fine print simply states that they may track you GPS, Uber’s fine print is much more alarming. With Uber, you are not only getting a ride, but a potentially hazardous ride. This is nothing against Uber drivers, as the majority are great drivers with great driving records. However, the big issue comes when an accident happens, or a driver or passenger is otherwise injured. In these cases, Uber attempts to claim zero responsibility. Uber drivers are independent contractors.  In the case of an accident, you would not file a claim with Uber, but rather the driver and his or her insurance company.

Uber also does not protect drivers by providing legal representation in the event that the driver is involved in an accident or incident. While Uber can be a quick cash maker, it can also be a headache, not to mention hazardous for drivers and riders. If you have been injured in an Uber accident or incident, you need to contact a San Bernardino personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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