San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer

By Logan Quirk

San Diego Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites are not a small issue. The problems seems to grow every year, and yet it seems as though nothing can be done to deter it. San Diego has tough laws concerning dog bites and mauling, and many do not know that they are stiff. Owners and non-owners alike need to know these laws, because it is much better to know what to do before you are bitten, rather than having to research while dealing with your injuries.

California’s Tough Dog Biting Laws

While California can seem lax in mood, her laws are not. California has some of the strictest dog biting and mauling laws in the country.  California in many instances implements strict liability against dog owners.  Other times, the proper standard is negligence.

What to do if you have Been Bitten

First, you need to keep calm. It can tough, but your frame of mind can help matters. If you can, try to catch details on the dog: a collar, a scar, cropped ears, etc. This can be helpful if the dog runs away afterwards.  Equally important is to identify the dog owner and the address where the owner resides.

You also need to seek medical attention. This is important whether it is a small bite that barely broke the skin, or a more severe bite. Dogs are germy, and along with rabies, there are many other issues that can arise from a poorly treated bite. After you seek medical attention, contact San Diego Animal Control to report your injuries, as well as where it happened and a description of the animal.

Stay Calm, and You May Avoid Injury

This is not 100% certain, of course, but often times dogs mistake someone running from them as someone who wants to play. If you do not, do not run. Stay calm. Try to stay still. If you are not used to dogs, or a specific breed, or have preconceived notions about a specific breed, this may seem impossible. Try it, as prevention is always better in these circumstances.

Contact a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney

After you have sought medical attention and contacted San Diego Animal Control, contact a San Diego personal injury attorney. A San Diego personal injury attorney can help you seek damages that may be owed to you after a dog bite or mauling. Just be sure to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, as California has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases.

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