Compton Aviation Injury Attorney

Aviation injuries can be the result of many different types of incidents. For some people, it could be an in-flight injury and for others, it may be an injury sustained during a crash. When claimants contact the Quirk Law Group, they get a Compton aviation injury attorney that knows how to get results.

Why you need an aviation injury attorney

Regardless of what type of injury is sustained or how the incident occurred, these cases require a specialized type of representation. Investigating an air crash is very different from investigating a traffic accident and it takes skills, resources and knowledge that many personal injury lawyers will not possess.

Even with cases that do not involve an air crash, the claimant is better off with an attorney that has experience with aviation injuries. Different FAA or NTSB regulations may still come into play and you need an attorney that understands the rules and regulations that govern air travel.

Getting compensation

Even if you believe that the airline or some other party is liable for your aviation injuries, there is still a range of different issues that will need to be worked out. Your personal injury lawyer will need to perform a complete examination of the injury and the event that caused it in order to make a strong case for compensation.

Depending on the circumstances of the injury, the claim could potentially be against multiple different parties like the carrier, the manufacturer of a part or the entire plane, a maintenance provider or even air traffic controllers. Liability could rest with any one of these groups or possibly be shared between a few of them.

Beyond figuring out who is liable and how much liability they hold, your attorney will also need to demonstrate the extent of the injuries and how they will affect your life. In most cases, it is somewhat straightforward to demonstrate that injuries occurred, the part that requires the skill of an attorney is fully demonstrating the effects of the injuries and proving that they have a specific financial value.

We know aviation injury claims

Our Compton aviation injury attorneys are dedicated to providing effective representation in any aviation accident claim. We have the resources and the knowhow to build these cases and to get full and fair compensation for your losses. If you need a consultation regarding your aviation injuries, contact the Quirk Law Group today.

By Logan Quirk