Had a Car Accident? Why Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

By Logan Quirk

Suppose you’ve been in an auto accident, the victim of another driver’s careless or reckless conduct. If so, you’ll probably have a number of issues weighing on your mind. One may be why hire a personal injury lawyer?

There are others such as your health concerns, either yours or those of others who were with you, to be addressed. You may need to think about how soon or whether you can return to work, and if that’s not immediately possible, how you’ll manage until you can. That’s already a pretty large dose of stress.

There’s more…

To this, add the hassle and costs of getting your car repaired or replaced, dealing with insurance claims, and holding accountable the person whose behavior caused these problems for you. Even if you’re known to friends and family as the kind of common-sense individual on whom they can rely for advice in dealing with thorny situations, you shouldn’t look at your auto accident as one more challenge that, with common sense and hard work, you can surmount on your own.

Why hire a personal injury lawyer? Because if you try to go it alone in dealing with the aftermath of your accident, you run a serious risk of not getting the kind of care, compensation and advice that can help you get what you’ll need to put yourself and your family back, as close as possible, to where you were before the accident.

Insurance companies are devious and devoted to frustrating and confusing you!

Take, for example, dealing with insurance companies. If you’re like most people, you probably have little idea of the kind of rehabilitation care you may need to recover from your injuries, to say nothing of its cost. And, unless your work regularly involves negotiating with insurance companies, it won’t be surprising if you’re generally unfamiliar with the role of insurance claims adjusters. The accident may be a once-in-a-lifetime event for you, but for them, it’s just one more item on their normal day-in, day-out workload. In short, you are a claim number not a person.

Keep in mind the negligent driver’s insurance company will look for ways to minimize its responsibility. Sometimes even your own insurance company may be more concerned with limiting its outlays than in making you whole.

I am smart.  I got this.

You may be very sensible and self-reliant (that will help if it turns out you have to fight for what you need). But in protecting your interests, does it make sense not to have the help and advice of a seasoned professional, who knows how best to present your case and can spot tricks and traps you probably wouldn’t recognize? Doesn’t it just make sense to have on your side an expert who knows the ins and outs of what can be a complex process, to help get you the best possible outcome?

That’s why if you’ve experienced damages in an auto accident, rather than try to handle it all on your own, you should consult an experienced, savvy auto accident attorney or personal injury lawyer (who will meet with you for free to learn about and discuss your situation).

Free advice and grounded consultations are just the initial benefits. Why hire a personal injury attorney? They take the stress off you, so you are able to focus on your health and not hassle with the insurance shenanigans.   They specialize in these areas and have the experience to know when to push and when to provide you sound advice when it is most beneficial to you. Protect your interests – get the skills and savvy of an experienced auto accident lawyer on your side.

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